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Solar water heating is one of the best ways to get started in solar. On average, Americans spend around 25% of their total energy consumption heating water. A solar water heating system eliminates most of that cost and has a back-up heating element so you'll never run out of hot water.

Benefits of DHW Solar

+Clean Power
+Small Footprint

+ Tax Credit

+ Great ROI

+ Very Hot Water


Simple Instillation

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The small footprint of a DHW solar collector makes it easy to go solar with little roof space.


Water for Everything

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Our systems use an 80 or 120 gallon tank so you'll have plenty of water for showers, baths, dishes laundry, and everything else around the house.


How it works

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Your water is pumped up to a solar collector designed to get your water extremely hot. That hot water is then pumped down and stored in your new water tank for future use.

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